About US


We supply, install and maintain, a wide range of Video Surveillance (CCTV) for Housing Associations and Local Authorities across the United Kingdom. Our solutions are designed to combat ASB including Fly Tipping and to date have provided tangible results in a variety of situations.

The VisionOn story

The business wasn’t born as a housing association specialist. In 1999 we installed CCTV systems onto buses, public service vehicles, and lorries. Wing cameras and driver recorders, for example, monitored performance and safety.

We used 4G routers and delivered video to a designated remote PC.

Slowly but surely, we realised:

  1. You can place CCTV anywhere you want
  2. You can access it from any location

Any time, any place, anywhere.

Our move into housing associations started in 2014. We received an enquiry from an association that needed cameras installing quickly. They’d been talking to another provider for six months and still not got CCTV to gather evidence with.

In the space of a week, we’d met, designed, and quoted their system – and fully installed it.

  • No need for a BT broadband line – we used 4G
  • No need for software – our system handled everything
  • No need for other parties – our installers were (and still are) qualified electricians

Job done in a week.

Since then, we’ve not looked back. Working with three large housing associations, we manage CCTV on 168 sites. Accent Group (managing 25,000 properties) chose us as their national contractor and we’re working across the UK.

Unlike other CCTV providers, we totally understand WHY our systems help you manage fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour, and crime. We also understand WHY rapid installation is vital to gather evidence or reassure residents.

We’re here to deliver your desired outcome. You don’t want to get bogged down in tech, you just want to catch offenders and maintain your reputation.

Get in touch and tell us what your problem is. We can demonstrate our systems (in person or remotely). We can set up a trial site. Most importantly, we can give you that desired outcome.

Any Time Any Place Anywhere